Hunt Rules and Service Fees
Hunt Rules

  1. Officers, directors, employees of the NRA or the Whittington Center may NOT apply.
  2. One application per person. Group applications are not accepted. Application must be accompanied by the appropriate processing fee for each hunt type being applied for.
  3. Draw hunt winners under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by an adult and possess a valid hunter education certificate.
  4. All ranges, except shotgun, will be closed for the duration of the unguided draw hunts.
  5. Hunters may bring one non-hunting companion at their expense.
  6. Hunters selected will not be eligible to reapply for their specific previously selected hunt for two years. On the third year they may reapply for that specific hunt.
  7. Winners are randomly selected by computer drawing. Only those whose names are drawn will be notified. Notification will be made by certified mail. Winners names will not be posted to the website or in any other publication.
  8. A mandatory hunt briefing will be conducted the day before the season opens.
  9. Spring Turkey application must be postmarked by March 17. Drawing to be held March 25.
  10. Bull Elk, Cow Elk, and Mobility Impaired Cow Elk hunt applications must be postmarked by June 30. Drawing to be held July 8.
  11. Guide Services available for handicapped hunters by prior arrangement with the Whittington Center.
  12. Handicapped hunters must qualify as per New Mexico regulations as mobility impaired; these regulations can be found in the NM Hunting Proclamation.
  13. Due to New Mexico Game Laws, if a hunter applies for and draws a permit through the State Draw Hunt System for elk, deer or pronghorn, that hunter is not eligible to receive a permit from the NRA Whittington Center or any other entity in the State of New Mexico for that species in the same year.
Hunt Service Fees
Non-Refundable hunt service fee to be paid to the Whittington Center by drawn winners:

Elk $400.00
Spring Turkey $150.00

Hunt service fee is due only upon acceptance of the hunt.