WU Instructor Bios

Our lead instructors at Whittington U are among the best-of-the-best in the fields of defensive firearms training and precision long-range shooting. Meet the team who will oversee your training and give you the confidence to take your shooting abilities to the next level.

Jon Weiler


Jon Weiler is a former U.S. Army Sniper over ten years active experience working with precision long range cartridges and defensive firearm engagements. In 2003, Weiler took part in the invasion of Iraq with the 82nd Airborne Division as part of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 3/325 Airborne Infantry Regiment.  As part of the invading force, Weiler and his team of Scout Snipers moved throughout the Southern part of Iraq, leading into the urban environment of Baghdad. Weiler's unit occupied the SW Sector of Baghdad from 2003-2004, where he gained valuable operating experience in this environment, working in small teams for extended periods of time.

Upon his Honorable Discharge from the Army in 2004, Weiler began his international instructor career with Barrett Firearms Manufacturing Inc., who produce the M82A1/M107 .50 BMG, Semi-Automatic Rifle that is utilized by the United States military and many allied countries worldwide. During his 3.5 years with the company, Jon developed comprehensive long range shooting and firearm maintenance courses for the Barrett Rifle line for military, law enforcement and recreational shooters.  Weiler has worked with military and law enforcement personnel from the United States, Mexico, Taiwan, Singapore, Greece, The Netherlands, and Israel.


Professional Marksmen Inc.

Weiler founded Professional Marksmen Inc. in 2007 and currently instructs for the company while managing the corporate growth.  Professional Marksmen Inc. specializes in reality based instruction that is based around Weiler's combat experience, along with his vast technical expertise as it relates to Precision and Extreme Long Range Shooting.   In 2011, Professional Marksmen Inc. was contracted by the NRA Whittington Center to assist in the creation of their training division: Whittington U.  Courses provided for the Whittington U range from the Defensive Academy, focusing on the defensive implementation of the firearm platform and the Precision Academy, focusing on the technical aspect of precision long range shooting.  Nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain at the beautiful NRA Whittington Center in NE New Mexico, the Whittington U has grown into one of the nation's premiere firearm instruction facilities.


Survival Trial

In 2011, Weiler pioneered a new endurance competition that combines realistic shooting stages into an adventure race format, called the Survival Trial.  Survival Trial is a completely new concept, blurring the lines between both endurance adventure racing and multi-line shooting competitions. Competitors register as Solo or in Two Person Teams, having 24 or 48 hours to negotiate over 100 square miles of harsh mountainous and high desert terrain.  Every Survival Trial is different, with a distinct theme to each.  Survival Trial utilizes real world, survival-based shooting scenarios, physical obstacles and mental challenges to provide Competitors with the Ultimate Test.  Survival Trial continues to grow and evolve from year to year, seeing a large ensemble of dynamic individuals.


Warrior Rendezvous

In 2013, Jon Weiler forged a new approach to working with Veterans and combat-related Post Traumatic Stress with the founding of the Warrior Rendezvous. The Warrior Rendezvous focuses on the Identification and Management of the Symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress by integrating an outdoor, physical activity with a focused therapeutic model. The Warrior Rendezvous continues to grow into a national effort, focusing regionally on local Combat Veterans in their communities.

Jon Weiler has been featured in several printed publications, is a contributing writer for the magazine Tactical Weapons, highlighted on the Discovery Channel’s Future Weapons and Sons of Guns, the History Channel’s High Impact: M16 and Sniper: Bulletproof, Outdoor Channel’s Shooting Gallery and NRA All Access and Sportsman Channel Amazing America with Sarah Palin.


Steve Overman


Steve is a retired Albuquerque, NM Police Officer with 20yrs of service.  During his career with the Albuquerque Police Department (APD), he worked as a Uniformed Patrol Officer, a Criminal Investigative Detective and a Special Investigations Undercover Detective.  Steve also served as an APD Academy instructor for four years, training veteran APD officers & basic APD cadets in General Law Enforcement subjects, Firearms, Defensive Tactics, and several other Police disciplines.  He also served as an adjunct Firearms Instructor for the New Mexico Law Enforcement Academy, Santa Fe, NM.

During his Police career, Steve worked as an independent contract instructor for SAIC/US Department of Justice, training Law Enforcement personnel from Bosnia & Herzegovina (BiH), Republic of Srpska (RS), East Slavonia, Croatia, Albania, Haiti, Kyrgyzstan, and the UN International Police Task Force BiH.  Following his retirement from APD, he worked for an International Security firm as a Firearms/Tactics Instructor.  His duties included the training of both basic & veteran US Department of Energy Federal Courier Agents.  Steve also worked as an independent contract Firearms/Tactics Instructor for a US National laboratory, training Nuclear Security forces from Russia & Kyrgyzstan.

Steve is also a retired military veteran with 40yrs of service, at the rank of Sergeant Major (SMAJ).  He started his military career joining the US Marine Corps (USMC) in 1970, serving 6ys in the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Marine Divisions. After his USMC service, Steve joined the US Army Special Forces in 1977.  Upon graduating from the Special Forces Qualification Course, his other Special Forces training included the Static Line Jump Master Course, Combat Divers Course, Operations/Intelligence Course, Drop Zone Safety Officer Course, and Advanced NCO Course.  Steve served in the 5th, 10th, 12th, & 19th Special Forces Groups; Special Operations Command-Korea, Special Operations Command-Africa, and US Special Operations Command. Throughout his Special Forces career, he was a light/heavy weapons Sergeant; Operations/Intelligence Sergeant; and Team Sergeant for several Special Forces Operational Detachment(s)-Alpha (SFODA).

In 2003 Steve was deployed with his Special Operations Detachment to Baghdad, Iraq, as part of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force-Arabian Peninsula (CJSOTF-AP).  During his tour in Iraq, he performed duties as the CJSOTF-AP Joint Operations Center SMAJ, and also as the CJSOTF-AP Liaison Non-Commissioned Officer to the Combined Joint Task Force-7, Multi-National Corps-Iraq, and Multi-National Force-Iraq.  In addition to being deployed as a Marine to Okinawa, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; as a Special Forces soldier Steve was deployed to South Korea, Thailand, South Africa, Botswana, Madagascar, Italy, & Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, whereby he worked with and trained military personnel from these countries.

Even though retired, Steve continues his military affiliations as a lifetime member of the Special Forces Association and Association of the United States Army.  He is a member of the City of Albuquerque Veterans and Military Affairs Advisory Board; and also volunteers to work with non-profits who support Veterans and their families in dealing with physical disabilities and Post Traumatic Stress.