Unguided Hunts

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Unguided hunts at the Whittington Center give you the lowest cost, private land, hunting opportunity in the Intermountain West. All unguided hunts maintain a high degree of Whittington Staff supervision to ensure hunter safety. Upon arrival, we will show you the best hunting areas for the game you will be pursuing.

At present, only unguided spring turkey hunts are being offered at this time. Please review our Hunting FAQs for additional details.



$200 (plus $45 NM resident license or $170 NM non-resident license)

Season: April 15 - May 10

Duration of Hunt: 3 days

Hunt Dates: You must complete and return a Draw Hunt Application to be eligible for this hunt. This application details hunt dates and hunt draw rules. Submit your application today!


About Spring Turkeys

During the Spring the Whittington Center backcountry comes alive with the sounds of hen clucks and Tom gobbles. Merriam turkeys can be found nearly everywhere on the Whittington Center. Take part in one of these extraordinary unguided hunts and get your chance to harvest a beautiful tom.