Hunting FAQs

Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions about hunting at the NRA Whittington Center.

What does the hunt rate include for Guided Hunts?

Each of our guided hunts includes on-site lodging, meals, an experienced guide, New Mexico hunt license, and your transportation for the duration of your hunt.  Please note that Pro Shop purchases and gratuities are not included.

What does the hunt rate include for Unguided Hunts?

Only the hunt.  No other amenities offered.

Is a Draw Hunt Application required for every hunt?

A Draw Hunt Application is required for Guided Bull Elk, Guided Cow Elk, Mobility Impaired Guided Cow Elk and Unguided Spring Turkey. Each applicant drawn for a hunt is subject to the appropriate hunt service fee and rules.  An application is not required for any other hunt offered at the Whittington Center.  Call 1-800-494-4853 to check on availability for those other hunts.

Can I bring a non-hunting guest?

Yes, you may bring one non-hunting companion at your expense.   Please call 1-800-494-4853 for rates if you are participating in a hunt with us and would like to bring one non-hunting guest.

Can hunters under the age of 18 participate in a Whittington Center hunt?

Yes, but hunters under the age of 18 must provide their hunter safety certification from any state before their hunt.

What is the payment policy?

A 50% down payment of the cost of the entire hunt is due upon booking.  The balance will be due at the conclusion of the hunt.

What is the terrain like?

There are 33,300 acres that make up the Whittington Center. The terrain ranges from rocky hills to rolling plains.  Therefore, you should be prepared for all levels of hiking.

What is the weather like?

We experience frequent weather changes, not only from season to season but on a daily basis.  Temperatures vary between 60 degrees Fahrenheit and the single digits with occasional rain and snow during hunt seasons.  We recommend layering clothing for all weather conditions including rain gear.  Doing so allows you to be comfortable during most weather conditions.

Does the Whittington Center offer meat processing and taxidermy services?

We do not offer these services.  However, we will provide you with meat processing and taxidermy information.  If you choose to use a local meat processing company, Whittington staff will transport the meat at no charge; however, any costs therein will be incurred by you.

Is there any other information I can acquire about hunting in New Mexico?

Yes, please visit the website for the New Mexico Game and Fish for additional information about hunting in the state.  You can also apply online for your hunting license on their site:

Please feel free to Contact Us if you have any other questions or require additional information.