Range Rules

Here are the range rules for the NRA Whittington Center.

Eye and Ear protection MUST be worn by anyone on or near the firing line during all live fire sessions.
ALWAYS keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction.
ALWAYS keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire.
ALWAYS keep the firearm unloaded unloaded until ready to use.
Whenever the line is called safe and target setters, competitors or other range personnel are down range ALL firearms MUST be removed from the firing line and made safe.  At NO TIME should any competitor handle, work on or otherwise touch their respective firearms while people are present down range.
Know and obey all range commands.
Range (red) flag must be flown at each range prior to commencement of any shooting on that range.
Shooting will take place on designated ranges only.
All firearms must remain unloaded with actions open except on the firing line. A handgun may be carried on one's person only in a holster designed for the safe and secure retention of that handgun. No handgun will be removed from that holster except on a firing line, in accordance with range rules.  All handguns will be carried in a manner conforming to State Law.
Appropriate firearms must be used on each range.  There will be no exceptions.
Smallbore Silhouette: .22 Rimfire only.
Long Range Pistol Silhouette: Pistol and lever action rifles with tube magazines only! No other rifles may be used on this range.
High Power Silhouette: No centerfire .22's - No belted magnums.
Hunter Pistol Silhouette: All revolvers, semi-autos, and single shot pistols may be used. No bolt action firearms, or any pistols firing centerfire rifle cartridges.
No military armor piercing or tracer ammunition may be used on any range.
No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on or behind any firing line, or in any building adjacent to any range while shooting is in progress.  Violators will be asked to leave premises. No fees will be refunded.
Most ranges will be closed during unguided hunts. No pedestrian or vehicular traffic allowed north of range roads C and D except during hunts.  All vehicles are restricted to open designated roadways only.
No smoking or BBQ grills are allowed at any time in the housing units. Violators will be escorted off premises. No fees will be refunded.
Maximum speed limit: 35 m.p.h. Maximum speed limit 10 m.p.h. through developed areas: ranges, campgrounds, housing areas, etc.
No silhouette targets may be removed from any range. Smallbore Rifle Silhouette targets will be checked in and out at the gate.
PPC Range is limited to law enforcement personnel only, unless approved by the Director.
Open fires in primitive campground, in designated fire pits only.
All pets must be on a leash. No pets in any building.
No littering.
No shooter 18 or younger may use range facilities without adult supervision.
Eye and ear protection must be worn by all shooters.
Hunting shed antlers is prohibited.
No Full Auto may be used on any range without prior approval of the Director.
All shotgun shooters must check in at the shotgun office prior to shooting.